Nicolette Noel
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Vitamin Angels

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Production Design & Costume

COMMERCIAL - Closerlook Production
Vitamin Angels in a nonprofit dedicated to giving the gift of health to underprivileged children around the world. The design was crafted to feel homemade while still maintaining integrity. I began by creating the character concepts, and then proceeded to design costumes, props, and set dec that were used for both video and photoshoots.

Psychogenic Fugue

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Set Decorator 

A collaborative meditation on the work of David Lynch. Hosted by Squarespace, this film features seven re-creations of some of Lynch’s most iconic characters, as performed by John Malkovich. Much of the set dec was sourced and then modified to match the original. The sets were sent to Hollywood, CA to be put on display. 

Coloring World



Native Chicago rapper, Chance The Rapper, hosted a listening party for his third mixtape Coloring Book. The event was interactive with different stations set up for fans to play in, color in, and dance as the album played. A playhouse fit for adults, this party even housed giant topiaries of dinosaurs and planes. Each "room" was an homage to important parts of Chance's life, with his grandma's living room taking center stage. Rolling Stones gives their recap here

Video created by Chance's team. Taken from Chance's facebook.

Broad Shoulders

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set Decorator

Music Video (Short Film) - Taylor Bennett LLC
Chance The Rapper's younger brother debuts his first album Broad Shoulders with this short film. The before and afters show the journey of what once was a college party house turned swanky listening lounge and bedroom overnight. The lounge never made the final cut of the film, but still was a fun transformation.  




set decorator

COMMERCIAL - Closerlook Production
An informative commercial for Tresiba, a pharmasutical company. The office spaces were created in an empty house. All of the furniture, decor, and even trees to fill the outside windows were brought in. The wall art was curated from scratch. The images below were taken before the final touches. 

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Elkay Sinks

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set decorator

COMMERCIAL - Guy Bauer Production
A promotional video shot on location. Each sink was featured in its own vignette to show the versatility, function, and style of the brand. In each home a different lifestyle was expressed to emphasize the durability of the product in all types of environments. 



production design

Short Film
Mascot is a short comedy set in the 90's about a dorky girl who is the mascot of her school. Her school already lacks in trophies and achievements, so it doesn't help that her costume is a raccoon. The atrium to the gym was built on a sound stage, and the rest was shot at a school. From bulletin boards to trash cans everything was brought in and dressed for location. 



Social Hour


Set Decorator

Short Film
A short comedy about three elderly women who gamble in the janitor's closet of their nursing home, and dream up ways of breaking out. The janitor's closet was built on a sound stage with pull away walls. The "retirement home party" was held in a banquet hall. This fun and punchy film was filled with color and hidden jokes in the set decoration.