The Art of Manifesting

October 16, 2016

The Art of Manifesting: To Bring Things Into Your Life For Your Highest and Greatest Good

There is power behind thought and there is power behind intention. When used correctly, you can guide these two energies to allow things to manifest their way into your life. There is an art to manifesting what you desire. The energy stems from how you are intending (the power you're putting behind your thoughts), and your visualization (the experience you're putting into these thoughts). 

Think of your intentions like a call to receive. You are voicing what you need to The Universe, and intending for it to show up. Your call can be in many forms. You can say your intention in your head, voice them out loud, or write them down. I find them most powerful when written down and then read allowed. There is no limit to what you can intend for, but it’s best practice to ask for what’s in the interest of your highest and greatest good. Use the power of the energy to move your life forward, rather than the common mistake of moving in circles. 

Loe Devlin Photography 

Loe Devlin Photography 

Now, while many think the art of intention ends at just stating what you need out loud, which will work if you're looking for smaller things to show up (ie: great parking spot, specific item you are shopping for, etc.) an extra step to put even more magical energy behind what you want is visualizations

Visualizations are one of my favorite things to do as part of my morning meditation. Why? Because I get to play pretend. Visualizing is not just observing in your minds eye what you want, but being it. Think of it like a vision board, except you're playing out the full scenario in your mind, living and breathing that experience. Here is an example. A few weeks ago I added the idea of being on a podcast into my daily visualizations. I didn’t just think “podcast podcast podcast” but rather I envisioned myself speaking about things that matter to me. I saw what I was wearing, felt the way my hands were in my lap, saw the microphone in front of me. I fully embodied the experience. Not even three days after I had added this visualization to my morning ritual, I was asked by a dear friend to be a guest on her podcast. Things tend to show up quick, and always at the right time when you put the proper energy behind them.

You can do the same for a place you want to move. Instead of thinking “I’m going to get a bad apartment that’s overpriced” see yourself in a perfect place for you. Does it have big windows? What are you listening to when you're cooking in your new apartment? What does it smell like? Use all your senses during your visualization and it will make it that much stronger. Again, visualizing might feel a little silly at first, but what a great way to start the day by playing a little pretend.

The energy you put behind both your intention and visualization is equivalent to what you will get out of it. The secret sauce to both of these is truly believing what you are saying. Believe that you are capable of receiving, and believe that you will. A lot of times we get stuck in a loop of negative self-talk. Allow yourself to release these patterns of “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, why would anything good happen to me” and start intending the opposite. Intentions and visualizations are not limited to material or physical things. Often the best intentions you can give yourself are visualizing successes, or intending positive people who resonate with you to flow into your life. There really is no limit in what you can intend or visualize. 

Manifesting isn't some special magical power only some can do. Manifesting can be a very powerful tool on your belt when done correctly and used for the highest and greatest good of your life. Remember to think from your manifestation and experience it. Identify with the energy you want, rather than thinking from stress or anxiety. If you don’t truly believe what you are saying, then that is the energy you are putting behind it. Think of this as constructive imagination vs. becoming a victim. You will truly be surprised what will show up in your life, and always remember to express gratitude when it comes!