Reading - 3 Questions

Intuitive readings offer clarity around a specific area you wish to receive guidance, wisdom, and healing. This helps to release and rewire old patterns and thoughts. It can also help you to make decisions and create shifts in your life to get you where you want to be. I am not here to give you a series of predictions, but rather bring deep knowledge and guidance to align you to your highest potential. 

I chose to do readings by email because you don't have to worry about recording, writing, or trying to retain everything coming your way. Instead you can just keep it forever. I find it powerful to be able to reference back to something to retain clarity as time goes on. It is the gift that keeps on giving as you may find new insights with each visit. 

Your reading is sent over via PDF and is typically 1.5-2 pages. Readings are sent no later than 1 week after purchase. I may ask you for a recent picture of yourself to help better tap into your current energy. 

If you prefer a phone or in person reading, please email me for special arrangements.

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