Nicolette Noel

I've been intuitive my whole life. When I was younger I knew when I was going to be called on in class, or who was on the other end of the phone before it rang. I picked up on other's feelings easily, and always seemed to know the answers without understanding how. I felt different than most kids, and saw my intuition as a hinderance early on for fear of being different. 

When I was seventeen I began to trust the messages I was receiving. I realized my life was not one big coincidence of happenings. My purpose became clear in that I wanted to share the information I was receiving with others. To assist people in clearing out old burdens, emotional turmoil, and move them to a place they want to be and feel. Over the past six years I have studied and practiced with highly intuitive coaches to get my own energy clear and focused. I became a clean conduit to receive information from Spirit and administer guidance and energy work. 

We all have this wonderful gift to access an inner knowing to move our life forward, but often times we spend a lifetime remembering how to tap into it, or ignoring it completely. I am an intuitive advisor, your biggest fan, and most importantly always remaining in the intention of your highest and greatest good. I am here to serve, assist, and reclaim what is rightfully yours. 

Loe Devlin Photography @devlinphotography

Loe Devlin Photography @devlinphotography

My Approach

Information comes to me in a few ways. It's easiest to explain these different "ways" and intuition in general like a muscle. The more you use it, exercise, and train it the stronger it will be. 

I am clairvoyant- clear seeing. I can see energy blocks, attachments, your higher self and beings of light around you. I see visions of past, present, and future that flash before me much like watching a movie or a dream. 

I am claircognizant- clear knowing. I call this the sudden stroke of insight. It is a lightbulb that just goes off. The right answer or word that magically appears. I receive a great deal of information at once from guides, angels, and or your higher self.

Loe Devlin Photography @devlinphotgraphy

Loe Devlin Photography @devlinphotgraphy

My Values

My values are simple. I put you at the center of everything. You deserve the very best. Each session is personalized to you, and led directly by Spirit. I am here as the conduit, or middle man.

I believe in giving you the support, guidance, and love you deserve to awaken your full potential and purpose. I like to say I'm here to help you pick up the pieces, or build an empire. Whatever feels good to you. 

My blog is another tool to ofter up tips, tricks, and little sparks for your soul that I have learned over the years. I understand sessions aren't for everyone, but I hope you can take away a bit of insight and love just from visiting.